Meet Mark Zimmermann – Founder of On The Mark Coaching

What makes Mark Tick!

‘I have always has a curious fascination for understanding people, and what makes them tick. Quite simply – I love to be around people, inspire them and help them to achieve the things that are important to them’. – Mark Zimmerman Founder

Having realised early on in life that I was not an academic, but more of a free thinking, free spirited person, I spent the better part of 26 years working long stints for only a handful of businesses across varying roles, which included buying, sales, management and leadership roles.

From there, my passion for coaching was born, and for the past 3 years I have spent studying a masters in coaching and enjoyed every minute of it. Having now being introduced to the academic side of coaching, i’ve been able to marry utilising those skill sets with 26 years of business experience, to become a qualified coach.

Mark Zimmerman

How On The Mark Coaching was born!

On The Mark Coaching was born in 2018 whilst sitting around a campfire just south of Sydney on a cold winter’s night. A great friend of mine came up with the name. He just said it…”ON THE MARK Coaching” and from there, the business started to evolve. It dawned on me that most people at some point in their lives experience feelings of frustration, disillusionment, lack of motivation, lack of clarity or direction at some point, be it at home, at work or in their relationships with loved ones or colleagues. In fact – the “light bulb” moment for me was realising that despite what I thought I knew about the much talked about “work/life” balance, I hadn’t yet been able to achieve it in my own life, so I set myself that challenge. Equally as important, I also realised that people who are high achievers, natural leaders and who are ahead of the game, also have a strong need to work with coaches, as a means to ensuring that they maintain momentum, balance and the flow of success that they have brought into their lives.

Founding the business

So, as soon as I decided to found a coaching business, I knew I had to do it differently to others. I knew it had to stand out in the crowd, and I had to create a meaningful business that embraced the values that I have always lived my life by, and which have always flowed naturally through me: Mutual TRUST; Mutual RESPECT; and Mutual FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.

Family First

I knew that having a “Family First” mindset was very important to me, but I also knew that it had to be balanced. I knew that creating a fun environment in which to work was exceptionally important to me, as culture defines the personality of a business. Lastly, I knew I had to set out to recruit an awesome team around me that could embrace the values of On The Mark Coaching, and be a part of evolving OTM Coaching into what my ultimate vision is for the business, which is to be a leading, trusted and reputable coaching company that oozes passion and energy, provides solutions to individuals and business, is an inspiring place to work and become a business who has a presence in multiple markets.

Why companies can benefit from coaching!

Every company’s main focus is growth. But in the current marketplace, companies have very limited access to experienced, qualified coaches for their sales and leadership teams. People in Management, Leadership and sales positions may have existing skills and experience, but do they have the ability to apply their skills to the best of their ability under varying conditions, under pressure and in different scenarios? The same applies for us in our personal lives.

It was against this background that ON THE MARK COACHING inspired. Ultimately, myself and the team excel across a broad spectrum of professional coaching disciplines in areas ranging from Life / MOJO coaching, Leadership Coaching, Sales coaching, Business coaching and motivational coaching. We specialise in fields such as ‘The Psychology of Sales’, ‘Building a Winning Culture’, ‘Effective Goal Setting” and ‘Adapting to Change’, all of which are essential to many business’ longevity and success.

As the founder of On The Mark Coaching, one thing is for sure, I am extremely passionate about driving results and working with people and teams to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Through my studies, and the extensive experience of highly qualified coaches in our team, we are able to apply most of the core techniques of coaching, including both a cognitive and solution-focused approach to coaching and the key elements of relationship building through mutual trust, mutual respect and mutual freedom of expression that I mentioned earlier. As a business, we follow the guidelines and code of ethics as outlined by the International Coaching Federation

Working with a coach is a deeply rewarding experience and a richly fulfilling journey. I have my own coach, who has been instrumental in helping me get to where I am on this path, and from my own experience in working with a professional life coach I have come to learn that coaches facilitate personal growth in a meaningful way, and become an integral part of one’s life.

Culture changers

Final Thought

Most people live their lives dreading the start of a new work week, but the people we coach and work with look at life differently, They unlock a passion and energy that allows them to have a different mindset and perspective on life. They leave their “old way of thinking” behind, and allow themselves to live a life that is free from the restraint which is themselves! Working with a coach should make you look forward to Monday mornings more so than Friday afternoons! That, to me, defines success. When the mindset is strong, when the energy is flowing, and there is clarity with regards to the path ahead…the work/life balance is achieved. That is what success truly looks like to me!

Mark Zimmermann

Founder – On The Mark Coaching

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