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Carol the ‘Pracademic’ Coach

In this modern landscape, there is much focus on leaders, the way I see it is a great deal of real work gets done at the coal face. I believe I have earned my stripes practically and academically hence I call myself a ‘pracademic’ coach in that I am a practitioner first but I support what I do with sound research. It informs my practice but does not rule my practice.

My passion is the psychology of people in the workplace and because I have the two strands of experience and expertise I believe I am in a good place to help people navigate their careers and workplace experiences that they not only benefit professionally but also personally. I accept the challenges I have faced because they enable me to connect and understand others and then be able to determine strategies that can make the impossible possible.

Carol McGowan Leadership Coach

A Bit More About Carol the Coach

Carol possesses nearly 40 years of experience in business. This experience includes major corporate organisations as well as small start-ups in the private sector, government and semi-government. Carol has worked with clients in her coaching covering all levels of responsibilities and expertise within an organisation from the shop floor through to senior management aiding high-level assistance and coaching support.

Carol’s area of expertise is transitions coaching with special expertise in career coaching having worked with over 500 clients in being able to understand and explain their expertise and what they would bring to an employer through developing documentation that highlights their capability in a compelling manner.

The Official Bit!

Carol has a Masters Degree in Business Coaching and is the Master Coach for the Life Coaching Institute of Australia in Sydney where she assesses trainee coaches practical skills. Carol also serves on the Advisory Board for the Life Coaching Institute advising on the format and content of their coaching and business qualifications.

We coach to break through barriers

Coaching to DNA

Carol is our accredited strengths profile assessor helping people know and utilise their individual strengths DNA to achieve personal and professional outcomes. Carol prides herself on her authenticity, reliability, quality and systems thinking approach she applies to her work drawing on empirical research to inform her coaching practice.

Carol’s goal is to help people realise their full potential and achieve outcomes they never thought possible. Whether you are an individual or an organisation Carol will be able to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself, your career or your business.

You can find out more about Carol here

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