Sales Traning Endorsed by Ability Options

Sales training endorsement



Mark Zimmermann from OTM Coaching conducted sales training with our Employer and Community Engagement Teams in June and July 2018.

26 participants attended the workshop and below is some of the feedback provided.

“Mark had a positive energy during the training which made the day enjoyable. He gave some great examples of how to approach employers/community organisations through role play, which I found to be quite helpful.”

“Great workshop and was adapted to our needs and lots of open discussions which was beneficial to all our roles.”

“I enjoyed the workshop and the energy that Mark brought to the room. He is passionate and knowledgeable and was genuinely interested to learn more about our line of work to ensure he was adapting the presentation and content in a way in which was relevant to our field.”

“I loved the workshop. The thing I enjoyed the most was the way it was conducted and that it was very discussion focussed. Mark was an extremely intelligent coach and he changed his knowledge to our industry which helped a lot.”

“Mark showed us the many ways we can engage with someone and how to nurture the trust. I found this coaching session so interesting and would be very interested in attending more of Mark’s coaching sessions.”

Olympus Solutions, which is part of the Ability Options community was interested in exploring different insights and gaining enhanced skills to engage with customers and employers.

From the early days of our introduction to Mark, he was easy to engage with and was genuinely interested in the way our organisation operates and engages with customers and employers. Mark took the time to interact with our people and to follow up post-workshop to ensure that he had met our needs.

Jacqueline Gaughan
P&C Business Partner

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